WHO ?!

WHY ?!



Wenn der Teufel auf dem Klo sitzt!
Herrje es ist schon wieder Ewigkeiten her und ich habe mich nun mal entschlossen sehr sehr ehlich zu sein, auch wenn das sicherlich nach hinten losgehen wird. Fangen wir aber erstmal mit der Leichtkost an, die man schon im Titel hatte. Auf dem Klo sitzt das Böse. Zur kurzen Einleitung für die ganz Unwissenden: bevor man mit einer neuen Tätigkeit anfängt, einen Raum betritt, etwas in den Mund schiebt, sich bückt, sich setzt, das Telefon in die Hand nimmt und... (ihr könnt euch sicher noch viel mehr vorstellen) sagt man 'Bismilla'. Tut mir Leid Phonetik kann ich nicht und bin deshalb auf der 'sicheren' Seite, wenn ich es so schreibe. Auf jeden Fall sagt man 'Bismilla' vor allem was man tut weil es das Böse verscheucht. Zum Beispiel beim hereinkommen muss man es sagen - extrem wichtig - weil das Böse vor deiner Tür hockt und rein will. Es kann allerdings nicht rein, wenn du das besagte Wort aussprichst. Beim Essen ist es so, dass sonst der Teufel und seine Familie (das Böse pflanzt sich fort!) mit dir isst... alles also sehr unschön. Beim Vergessen von 'Bismilla' kann man das allerdings noch nachholen und die Ahnen des Teufels haben doch nicht mit dir gegessen... den Sinn dahinter verstehe ich nicht ganz, aber man muss es getan haben bevor man den letzten Bissen geschluckt hat. Jawohl, schützt euch vor dem Bösen. Und nun zurück zu dem eigentlichen Thema. Das Böse sitzt auf dem Klo. Deswegen betritt man das 'Häuschen des guten Benehmens' mit dem linken Fuß - weil die linke Körperhälfte dem Bösen gehört - und man wäscht/putzt/was auch immer sich ebenfalls mit der linken Hand. Diese Hand muss dann 1, 3, 5, 7 (Primzahl) Mal gewaschen werden und das Klo muss mit dem rechten Fuß verlassen werden, weil man wieder rein ist. Damit übrigens das Böse nicht aus dem Klo raus kommt gibt es ein Gebet für's stille Örtchen, was ich natürlich sehr amüsant finde. Nundenn. Das mit der Primzahl ist übrigens leicht zu erklären, Gott ist einer und er hat 99 Namen, er mag Primzahlen (steht im Qour'an geschrieben)

I know guys I am kind of late. And kind of is a nice word when being 4 days later than promised. Sorry! But quite a lot to tell you guys! So I came to Morocco and it is very warm, even if the 'hot' months should be gone... hm. But hey. Classes didn't start until today (Wed. 9th Sept) and so today I had to wake up earlier (feels like school... and it is a school) and it was cooler outside - what a relief! Because Achselschweiß is not something you want to share - aye? Either way, seems like nobody is sweating and thats why I feel like a pig. Anyway someone asked me what I'm wearing... got to tell you: I'm waring stuff that covers my shoulders and always full-covered legs. That's just me adapting to a new society. And I am right. Almost no weird draguer-sounds from guys on the street and I was talked up to in arabic - so I may even look like an arab lady. On the other side some of my students do - that's how I feel about it - exaggerate a little with adapting. Like: blond all-american girls dressing up like a full musulman woman - which means hijaab and full body covered. Nothing to see. But hey! They are indeed outing themselves as non-arab! Ha! Never guess why. I asked my host mother and the explained to me: it is said in the Koran that you shall not wear any make-up. But there is a TV show with a sort-of Imam answering problems which may come across when you try to apply the Koran to everydays life. So that consultant (für die Deutschen: wie sophisticated BRAVO) answered the question of a female actor once who said, that she doesn't know what she has to do because she wears the hijaab but she has make-up put on her face during screening. So that sort-of Imam told her a litte bit of make-up is okay. That started a whole new trend with arab women who started thinking that they were completely allowed make-up and now they put it on, on a daily basis. So pretty faces surrounded in hijaab might be fake! - take care of those fake women walking around!

The family I'm staying at consists of 3 present parties: mother, father and daughter (17). She is the youngest and has a brother and a sister, both living in France which seems to be the best fate you can possibly have for your children... right. The marriage of the parents was probably not out of love, the reasons I expect that might not be very kosher to some of you. So she (mother) is about 50 years old and a professor of fusha (Classical Arabic) in a normal school and is very much able to speak and understand french. So she is educated. Her husband on the other side is analphabet and has (that's what she told me) had 3 years of school in his life. Then he had an accident (in his later days) and now he can't remember things for long-term. He is working as a mosaik-layer (mauvaise traduction - haha!) which means that he basically puts the mosaik to an image (you have to to it upside down so you have to remember which mosaik you just laid) and thats a very honourable job - apparently. He is gone most of the time which is pretty good for me because he'd be like the house ghost I can't talk to because he's not able to speak french or english. That means: deadzone. The daughter on the other hand is as I said 17 years old, she still has 2 more years to go in school and is more fluent in english than in french. She is pretty remarkably differnet from everything I know. Since she's very skinny I asked hey, if she does a lot of sports, she nodded and eventually explained to me, that she watches youTUBE videos from people dancing or doing sport and copying them. Like using a WII without the WII-Stick. Very awkward. But as I heard today - on my date - you pay ~250€ (2500 Dhs) monthly fee and ~400€ (4000 Dhs) for applying. Holy crap! And that's only for tennis! So sport is for rich people but they stay skinny here because of the Ramadan... NOT!. Go figure all the sweet stuff you can get everywhere after the sun has set! People on the street, dancing, going out, finally drinking, smoking and eating! Very lively. But people tend to get pretty agressive around 5 (at 6.45 they can eat egain). My mother and I saw a guy crossing the street holding a plate in his hands with food on it. He was aggressed and yelled at on the open street. Horrible! And then - we went to a restaurant - I was told that real muslim people can't even touch a bottle of alcohol. So every restaurant has to have a waiter who's no muslim... too much to think about! Don't know if that is not a litte too hardcore or if that was a show - we were in an typical arab restaurant after all...